ONLINE DRIVERS’ ED CLASSES   (for State of Ohio Residents)

State of Ohio required 24-hour Drivers’ Ed Classes for teens under age 18.

The classes are presented as “webcast”.   Student can log-in and out of classes on student’s timeframe.

Tuition:    $79.00  

Tuition includes 24 hours of Drivers’ Ed classes. No certificate fee.

  • Student must complete the online classes within 180 days of start date (Ohio law).
  • Student must be at least 15  years, 5 months of age to begin classes (Ohio law)
  • After enrollment log-in at this website (Upper right-hand corner “Students Already Enrolled”).
  • Save “User ID” and “Password”.  Create only one account.
  • No student can take more than four hours of online training within a calendar day. (State rule).
  • To enroll and start the classes complete Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 1. Submit Payment

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Student Name:
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Step 2. Register for Drivers’ Ed online course.

  1. Once Payment is complete, Follow the instructions on the email with the Subject Online Registration Instructions, if you haven't received the email please check your spam folder
  2. Complete registration form
  3. Enter your Unique Account Code from Payment Confirmation.
    (this step could take up to 5 mins to process)


When you are ready to take the 8 hours  driving lessons (BTW), click here to sign-up  8 hrs BTW Only.